Comments on the social networks about the first lady in the center of controversy.

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© Reuters

A head of a non-profit organization and a mayor of a small town in the United States are at the center of a new controversy, one involving social networks and comments with racist connotations.

The Washington Post case comes as the United States shows itself to be a divided country following the long and tense presidential campaign that ended last week with Donald Trump’s election to the White House.

The comment was made by Pamela Ramsey Taylor, the director of the non-profit organization Clay County Development Corp., an organization located in Clay, a small town in the suburbs of Charleston, West Virginia.

“It will be refreshing to have a beautiful, dignified, classy First Lady back in the White House. I’m sick of seeing a monkey in high heels, “he wrote on Facebook, in a commentary in which the complimentary tone on the new First Lady, Melania Trump, contrasts with the racist tone in the expression used to speak of Michelle Obama.

Now, according to the local television channel WSAZ, among the people who commented on this publication, which had already been deleted, was the mayor of the small town of Clay, Beverly Whaling. “Just made my day Pam,” wrote Beverly Whaling.

The comment, which had been made after the election of Trump, is new controversy in a country where racism is a subject that has been on the agenda.

In the reactions to the case, an online petition was created requesting the removal of the two heads of the respective positions. The petition already has more than 80 thousand signatures this Tuesday. The goal of reaching 85,000 will be reached soon.

However, the director of the non-profit organization has already been replaced. Already the mayor of the city has not yet reacted to the case. Of course, in Facebook, both the page of one as the other have already been eliminated.


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