As far as the state-of-the-art technology used to provide energy for housing is concerned, so far nothing has beaten the use of solar panels. In the past, this situation has changed, thanks to the project of two Indian brothers who aim to make wind energy more accessible.

The most fascinating of this story? This domestic wind turbine, capable of energy supplying a home, costs less than a top-of-the-range mobile phone.

The idea is being developed by Indian startup Avant Garde Innovations, by the brothers Arun and Anoop George, and is a little larger than a regular ceiling fan. According to the Times of India, this domestic wind turbine is capable of producing one to three kilowatts per hour, all day long, with enough power to power the whole house.

Breaking the energy poverty cycle is one of the goals that drives these brothers. Around the world there are about one billion people who do not have access to energy sources, with economic issues emerging as the main impediment.

Thus, as a way to contribute to a better world, the bet of this family passes through these compact, but powerful, domestic turbines. “Regardless of the energy produced during the life of these turbines, which average around 20 years, there is a guarantee that there will always be free electricity,” explains Arun enthusiastically in this video.

Worldwide, the project of these two brothers has deserved the best criticism and international recognition. Recently they were named as one of the top 20 Innovations in Renewable Energies in India, an initiative that brings together some of the most recognized companies and organizations in the sector, such as the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Cleantech Open USA, among others.

The next step for Avant Garde Innovations is the democratization of this turbine to the general public, with estimates suggesting that the innovative product of these brothers will reach the market in the beginning of the second half of 2016, with a recommended price of € 710.


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