Known as “the happiest man in the world,” the Buddhist monk is the latest name to join the PETA association in the fight for animal rights and to promote veganism as a healthy lifestyle option that brings happiness.

“I am extremely concerned about the fate of the eight million other species that share this world with us and that, like us, want to avoid suffering and live their lives,” warns Matthieu Ricard. In his statements, published on the PETA website, the monk also argues that “just like men, animals deserve to live a life free from suffering and exploitation.”

And there are several targets pointed out by this joint awareness campaign of Matthieu Ricard and PETA. The meat and fish industry, which annually kills millions of animals, to meet men’s eating habits; The dairy industry, where forced artificial insemination practices are constant news.

Also the egg industry is highly criticized, given the innumerable cases of birds created without the necessary conditions, kept in tiny cages day by day.

Matthieu Ricard also draws attention to the disparity of criteria, since at present the shocking amount of grains used to feed animals farmed on farms could be used to combat the high numbers of hunger worldwide.

For Matthieu, veganism must be seen as a positive change with a high impact on animal life, our quality of life and the “health” of planet Earth. “True happiness can only be achieved when we avoid causing pain to others, so please be vegan as I am,” concluded the happiest man in the world. See here the video with Matthieu Ricard published by PETA UK.


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