The Fluorescent Blue of the Tasman Sea

The image may be visually very appealing, but it hides serious environmental problems. The Tasmanian sea is shining with a bluish blue that can be seen many, many meters away, and the average sea-water temperature rise is a blame – a direct consequence of climate change.

The natural phenomenon is especially visible in the Preservation Bay and Rocky Cape regions and can be explained by the presence of a bioluminescent organism with the scientific name of noctiluca scintillans.

According to explanations given by scientist Anthony Richardson to New Scientist magazine at a similar event in 2015, the scintillans noctiluca is a defense mechanism of plankton, which reacts in this way when faced with the consequences of climate change, in this case the sudden rise in average temperature Of sea water.

The responsible authorities have already come to rest the populations living nearby, stating that this phenomenon poses no danger to humans. However, the effect of this plankton on other living beings is not yet known and could pose a threat to the local biodiversity.

Through the social networks have already shared some images of the phenomenon, which can be seen in our photogallery.


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