The Islamist movements Hamas and Islamic Jihad today welcomed the resolution adopted by the United Nations Security Council against Jewish settlements and considered it a “change” in the policy of the international community.

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“Hamas welcomes this resolution and welcomes positive changes in the position of the international community that supports the rights of Palestinians in international organizations,” Hamas spokesman Fauzi Barhum said in a statement.

In that statement, Hamas urges the international community to do more for the Palestinian cause and end the Israeli occupation.

For his part, Mushir al-Masri of the Islamic Jihad movement considered that this resolution, which condemns and declares the settlements illegal, clearly reiterates the world’s refusal to Israel’s policy.

The resolution, endorsed by 14 votes in favor, no against and one abstention, calls for the “immediate” and “complete” cessation of Jewish settlements in occupied territory and insists that the solution to the Middle East conflict involves the creation of a Palestinian state Who lives together with Israel.

However, this path is in danger because of the expansion of settlements, the statement said, considering it “a flagrant violation of international law and a major obstacle to achieving a two-state solution, as well as a just, lasting and complete peace.”

In another statement, Daud Shihab, a spokesman for Islamic Jihad, interprets the resolution as “a clear condemnation of [Israeli] occupation policies and aggression against the Palestinian people.”

“It is a Palestinian victory” and “a consensus of the countries of the world against Israel and its policies,” Shihab said.


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