The attack is being done to DynDNS, which is compromising the online user access to multiple sites.

© Reuters
© Reuters

TechCrunch is moving forward with the news of an online attack on DynDNS, a provider of hosting company and that is affecting access to sites like Github, Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, Airbnb, SoundCloud, among many others.

The company and affections sites to this attack have already confirmed that its services are committed, adding that they are working in order to solve the problems. At the moment it is still unclear who is behind this attack, and investigations are in progress.

The impact is being mainly on the east coast of the US and to specific users that use the company’s services. It is unlikely that will ultimately affect the Portuguese territory.

However the DynDNS confirmed to The Next Web that the service was re-established and managed to mitigate the attack and ensure normal browsing the Internet.


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