The data relate to the separate forum of Brazzers, and some of the users who have never used it may also have been affected.

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A new attack directed at Brazzers porn site resulted in the theft of almost 800,000 accounts, with data that are now being sold in the Dark Web by hackers responsible, says the Motherboard.

The information was provided to the site by and states that among the data made public are e-mail addresses, user names and passwords.

Also note that among the bills obtained by hackers are duplicated or inactive accounts, and are also related to the post area, which has meanwhile been placed in a maintenance state.

Nevertheless, the attack may also have affected some of the site’s users.

As The Next Web account, Brazzers forum was used to be discussed specific scenes of the films present on the platform, with users having open also to leave suggestions for topics or situations for future films.


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