The island of the penguins

Located 1,450 kilometers south of Australia, Macquarie Island does not have the aura and mediatism of others. And still good. A place of significant environmental significance, the island was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 and is the only site on Earth where the rocks of the Earth’s mantle, which are usually six kilometers below the ocean level, are exposed.

With no human inhabitants in sight, the island is ruled by penguins – or better, by four million of them. The island also has 100,000 seals, which are protected by the World Heritage “seal”.

Despite its location, the island is not covered in white and snow, but rather green and greenery. And although it is hard to believe today, the population of seals and penguins was close to extinction in the early twentieth century due to excessive hunting. The development of several animal protection laws, achieved in the 1960s, has altered this situation.



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