The Nureyev of the Seas

French underwater photographer Gabriel Barathieu spent 25 minutes of his life with a humpback whale off the coast of the Reunion islands in the Indian Ocean, and the end result can be enjoyed following images we share in our gallery.

Gabriel had to descend almost 25 meters to find this mammoth marine mammal that still seems to slide gracefully through the water, which would be completely unlikely if we were not talking about another work of art of nature. A true

To get a sense of the size of the humpback whales, keep this in mind: each weighs more than three London buses – yes, those on two floors.

Humpback whales can migrate up to 25,000 kilometers a year and only feed on summer – a very light litter, actually: krill and small fish. The number of whales in the world declined by 90 percent by 1960. However, after excellent conservation work started in that decade, the number has stabilized at 80,000 worldwide.



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