The child’s mother is outraged with the situation and shared the story on Facebook.


It all happened in a Kansas school in the United States. She was accused of violating the rules of clothing imposed by the school, all because was wearing dark leggings with printed flowers and a long color pink t-shirt that covered the tail.

Still, the lower was forced to wear pants in fact-of-training borrowed. Bella was still forbidden to tell the mother what was going on.

But the young man did not obey and sent an SMS to his mother to tell what was happening.

The mother was immediately to the school or wanted to believe in the argument that was given.

“They told me that the problem is that boys of 13 years could not control,” said the mother Kimberly Jones Independent newspaper, stressing that the school policy about clothing only prohibits suggestive clothing, which argues, was not the case.


As soon as he arrived home, the woman photographed the clothes her daughter wore and published the picture on Facebook to show their discontent, a publication that had hundreds of shares.

However, against the Independent, the school has updated its policy on clothing, expressly prohibiting the use of leggings.




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