The forbidden houses of Sydney Bay

Between 1923 and 1963, seven huts were built on a cliff of Crater Cove, in the Sydney Harbor National Park, Australia. The area is one of the most beautiful in the country – the natural bay of Sydney – but the inhabitants of these makeshift homes were forced to leave the site by the Australian department that controlled the natural parks and wildlife services in 1984.

Today, the huts are still in perfect condition, as janitorial teams hired by National Parks and Wildlife Services do their regular maintenance.

The houses are not for sale and probably no one will live there again. Built with wood and iron, the seven huts were hidden for decades from the authorities. They were built by fishermen, as a weekend house, with materials in place.

Many – or all – are so well preserved that it seems that people are still living there, even though they have been empty for 30 years. Would not it be time to remodel them, turn them into a holiday cabin and take advantage of the business profits to reinvest in park preservation?



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