The French Government will close three mosques. The Interior Ministry justifies the decision because it considers that in these mosques there are speeches of incitement to terrorist acts.

16 mosques have closed in the country since November 2015

The French government is preparing the closure of three mosques for apology of terrorism, the interior minister said Thursday, adding that since the emergency state came into force in November 2015, closed 16.

In an interview with CNews, GĂ©rard Collomb said that the justification for the closure is that these mosques give speeches to incite terrorist acts. The minister added that during this summer season 23,000 police and guards were deployed to ensure security during the holidays.

Asked about the Mediterranean refugee crisis, Mr Collomb reiterated that his priority is to “establish a number of agreements with the countries” where these migrants come from, so that those who do not have the right to asylum can be returned quickly. An issue that, he anticipated, will be addressed at a summit on 24 March in Tunis with the Mediterranean countries.

Given that the problem is that in Libya “there is no stable state” and that this has led to the “traffickers of terrible cruelty”, Collomb said that his idea is to define in this country a kind of “sanitary cord” for Control takes place there.

He also said that European countries will ask the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to set up bases to handle their arrivals and, “in case of safe countries, return them to their countries.”

As for those who are concentrated in northern Paris, near the temporary shelter of potential asylum seekers, which opened in November, the minister said that “the situation will be examined very quickly” to expel those who can not have asylum status. refugee. “We do not want there to be 2,000 to 3,000 people in the street” and to avoid, at first, they will be divided by different points of the region of the capital, he said.


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