From barn to apartment for the elderly

A barn that had long been deteriorating in the French northeast was rebuilt and reborn as a contemporary dwelling of a social housing project. The reconversion was carried out by the architectural studio GENS, which transformed the former granary into five residential units for elderly residents who can no longer live alone.

Located next to the Velle-sur-Moselle chateau building, the new barn has gained a facade but retained its old character. Thus, the architects did not touch the shape of the building, but they smashed the interior and remodeled the exterior. “We wanted to hide the project from its banal appearance,” explains architect Guillaume Eckly. “We wanted something that looked old and worn, like any village.”

The building was divided into five units: three ground floor apartments, one common space and two other apartments upstairs. The entire refurbishment took special care to ensure features linked to energy efficiency in the new barn, including letting in natural light inside.


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