French fighter jets bombed on Sunday military installations of the extremist group Islamic State in the Syrian city of Raqa, announced the French Ministry of Defence, which indicated that a heavy weapons storage center was destroyed by missiles.


In a statement, the ministry stated that these attacks attended four Rafale fighters, four Mirage 2000 as well as a patrol aircraft Atlantique 2, used to detect objects.

Fighter planes launched “a dozen cruise missile SCALP” which reached the military complex “in the center of the territory controlled by the terrorist group,” he added.

This action took place “after an intense week of the French aircraft attacks, the international coalition in support of ground operations of the Iraqi and Kurdish forces near Mosul in Iraq,” says the text.

During this week, the bombing destroyed, according to the Department of French defense, many combat positions, weapons caches, manufacturing plant explosive devices and heavy weapons “and contributed” to the battles preparation work for takes Mosul in Iraq and Raqa in Syria. ”

French fighters effected about 800 bombings in Syria and Iraq as part of their missions against the Islamic state, integrated with the international coalition led by the United States.



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