Mother and daughter lie in the hospital, girl is free of danger. The mother’s state of health is unknown.

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© Getty Images

A four-year-old girl accidentally fired a firearm in Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana state, hitting herself and her mother in the head. Both are in boarding school.

According to local media, the child found the gun on the bedside table in the parents’ room this Sunday morning. An accidental shot penetrated the girl’s face and hit the head of her mother, who lay asleep.

The father, sleeping next to the child’s mother, awoke to the sound of the shot. The eldest son, two years old, was also in the room at the time of the incident but was not injured.

The condition of the child is stable but the state of health of the mother is unknown. Indianapolis police posted an alert on Twitter that day.

“Curious children and loaded weapons have deadly consequences. Put your firearms in safe places, beyond the reach of your children, “the authorities wrote.



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