A green synagogue

One of the most curious trends linked to sustainability is reuse. When this is linked to sustainable construction, the spaces end up being restructured, rebuilt and gaining a new meaning and ownership.

Usually, they are buildings with history, religious or military, that are transformed into habitation or commercial spaces. In the SoHo neighborhood of New York, the situation was reversed: an old Gucci store was redesigned and is now a synagogue.

Designed by architect and designer Dror Benshetrit, known for his sustainable work, the synagogue is located on Crosby Street and acts as a spiritual inspiration for a new generation of Jews.

The founders of the synagogue, Dovi and Esty Scheiner, wanted to create a space that blended Jewish traditions with modern aesthetics. The result is a beautiful synagogue, which responds very interestingly to the traditional services but also special events of the Jewish community of the neighborhood, known for its open mind to innovations.

The space has several elements linked to the green design, which reflect the customs of the Jews and their traditions but, at the same time, they are icons of a modern and urban culture.

Equipped with LED and maintaining historical traits, the interior of the synagogue has a raw and almost industrial air, with its bricks that reveal a fresco of the menorah. By reusing the architectural elements, Dror pays homage to the history of buildings and provides elements of the original design.



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