The Florid shadows

Depicted in films, series, music or simple tourist brochures as a paradise on earth, with its heavenly beaches, mild climate and luxurious lifestyle, the North American state of Florida has places unknown to most citizens – Americans or not.

The Sunshine State was photographed by Curran Hatleberg, who went through it for months to capture the darker side, if you can say so. Named Shadow Country, the project was born in a Peter Matthiessen novel, launched in the 1990s, about the life of E. J. Watson on the Florida frontier in the early twentieth century.

In this photographic project there is no Disneyland, Miami or the white beaches. There is no Palm Beach or Orlando, tourists or trendy bars. “I followed an imaginary line, I tried to lose myself,” Hatleberg explained to the New Yorker.

During the trip, the author saw a lot of poverty, cars, abandoned machines and houses and “places built in the mystery”. Take a look at some of the photos from the Hatleberg photographic series, which has traveled the United States for 10 years in search of life in the shade.


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