Have you ever seen a floating market?

The Lok Baintan market in South Borneo, Indonesia, has a rare feature: it is situated on a river. Throughout the space, customers, merchants and suppliers use boats to negotiate, surreal images that were recently shared by Fauzan Maududdin, a photographer who wanted to make known the daily life of these people.

At the end of the day, dealers and consumers paddle back home or ride a larger boat, which can haul up to 20 smaller boats through a chain.

“Small boats are called juking and are traditionally used for paddling. If they go to a place far from home, they usually pay people to tow them in a kelotok, a bigger boat. This scene is very seen in the floating market, “explained the photographer.

“It does not surprise me to see a bigger boat pulling 20 small boats. The smaller boats bring fruit, food, fish and vegetables and sometimes they hitchhike at lower prices for their products, “he said.


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