The toro-bots


There are more and more robots for different purposes. Alvaro Cassinelli, an artist based in Tokyo, just gave them one more: he turned robots into flashlights – but a little scary.


The Toro-bots, as he called them, take the form of a typical Japanese lantern, but mounted on a sort of spider’s legs, which makes robots into bizarre objects. In addition to walking, the Toro-bots can still dance and emit flashes of light, as if they were sirens.


The robots can then be programmed to emit light at a fixed location or to follow a certain person and illuminate the path, and the route is controlled through a tablet. Each Toro-bot has its own “personality”, since through infrared they can “feel” the environment around them.


In addition, robots can be controlled collectively or individually. The Toro-bots were initially designed to illuminate an exhibition – Digital Shock – at the Institute of French Culture in Tokyo. The spider robots were built by an American company and each cost about € 690.



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