The uncommon was observed in Botswana. Discoveries in the savannah by an experienced photographic safari guide this group of lionesses became the center of attention of the scientific community.


In Moremi reserve, next to the Okavango Delta, the group of cats began to confuse the veteran guide safaris, Grant Atkinson, but his experienced eye immediately identified their gender. It was female with fur and male behavior. One even roared, marking territory and tried to mate other females.

The discovery was made in 2010 and immediately aroused the interest of the scientific community. One of these scientists teams has now released a study of this strange set of lionesses.

Led by zoologist Geoffrey Gilfillan of the University of Sussex, the team christened the lioness more exuberantly “male” of SaFO5 in honor of the poet Sappho of Lesbos, lesbianism symbol.

Published in the journal African Journal Ecology, the study shows images of these strange lionesses. Some were hunted for examination and this observation it was concluded that although no hermaphroditism signs, showed high levels of testosterone. The cause of this phenomenon has been attributed to a genetic anomaly.


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