Block Island Wind Farm

Off Rhode Island in the US is about to be inaugurated the first offshore wind power station. With its bold design the project, which took ten years to materialize, it is considered a reference in Uncle Sam’s land.

offshore wind power2

Compared with similar European projects this new station, powered by five turbines of 30 megawatts, it is not for the old continent standards a project of great impact, but in the US it is a landmark.

The US has advanced very slowly in the wind energy sector used in offshore.

offshore wind power3

Installations at sea (offshore) are more expensive than those that are located on solid ground, but in return off the coast the winds are much stronger, so wind power is much higher in these conditions.

It is estimated that the Block Island Wind Farm, an investment of $ 290 million, will produce much more energy than is needed for the region. Yet its construction raised the most controversy.

offshore wind power4

Local residents complain that will pay a lot for this source of electricity and the turbines spoil their landscape.

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