The original format of Toblerone has changed in the UK to decrease the grams of chocolate per bar. Even Ricky Gervais has something to say on the subject

© Toblerone
© Toblerone

Mondelez International, the company responsible for Toblerone chocolate, decided to reduce some grams to its bars in the UK, allegedly because of the increase in the price of ingredients.

The result, as you can see from the image, is a radical change in the look of the product – the space between the triangles, the iconic brand of the product, has become much wider, according to the BBC.

Attentive to the opinions of consumers, Toblerone had already published a statement on the subject on its official Facebook page explaining that two bars were changed (those of 400 and 170 grams go to 360 and 150 grams, respectively) to ensure that chocolate “Remains on the shelves, affordable and maintaining the triangular format.”

Still, fans do not like the change, complaining in the comment space that it would be possible to reduce the grams without altering the format or even, ultimately, raising the price, following the market trend.

Neither British comedian Ricky Gervais has resisted commenting on the fractured subject, questioning the whole decision-making power of the United Kingdom in recent months with the sharing of the same news.


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