A home for all generations.

The Finnish architect Tuomas Siitonen designed a cheap and energy-efficient housing, which has the curiosity to gather three generations under one roof in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.


The M-M House is clad in wood and is surrounded by the forest. In it lives a couple with two children, who ordered it, and the great-grandmother of children.


The house was built at the bottom of a slope of a granite rock, on land belonging to the family of grandparents. The village is 100 years old.


To strengthen the link between the two buildings, Siitonen involved the house around a garden where there are apple trees and another vegetation common throughout the village. Moreover, the roof twisted M-M House also dips into the surroundings, to prevent obstruction of the view.


The great-grandmother of the accommodations is located on the ground floor in a small apartment within easy reach. The family lives in the greater area of the apartment, located on the upper level, where large windows overlooking the treetops allow you a similar experience to a stay in a tree house.


In order to meet customers’ desires for “ecological sustainability”, Siitonen mainly involved inside and outside the wooden house, referred to inhabitat. The floor heating and cooling also help eliminate the need for independent radiators and reduce energy costs.

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