“I have no time”. “After work, I do not feel like going to the gym.” “I do not have company”. All the excuses are valid to change the practice of physical exercise by the couch, mainly in the coldest and rainy days.

Get to know the tricks of sports psychologist Carla Di Piero to stop paying the gym tuition and not to train.

1- Discover the exercise that combines with you

Choose an activity that you enjoy and that, above all, enjoy the practice. This will help you not to make excuses and get the results you want.

2- Start with the basics

On the first day of the gym, start with the simplest exercises and increase your difficulty only when you feel like you’ve stepped into your comfort zone.

3- Check in the calendar the days to go to the gym

Choose the days and times to exercise. Physical activity needs a certain amount of time (and space) in your schedule. Take this time to take care of yourself.

4- Set a weekly goal

Set attendance in class or practice as a weekly goal. And, according to your performance, try to reward yourself for fulfilling this goal.

5- Record your evolution

Make an evaluation of your performance: on days when you train write down on a notebook or mobile phone your score from 0 to 10 – 0 “0” is synonymous with no effort and “10” as much effort as possible. From here, build a picture of your evolution. This will help you make small changes in your performance.

6 – Define your goals

Before starting to train, set two goals: one medium and one long term. Then describe what you need to do to achieve each of the established goals and what the reward will be in achieving them. That way, you will feel motivated.

7- Combine exercise with fun

Inviting friends to train with you, listen to the songs you love, or train with interesting people can be a fun way to do sports, and help time pass faster.

8- The environment is everything

Choose a nice place in which you feel comfortable to train. If you do not like the people and coaches in your gym, look for another space or train outdoors in a park near your home, for example.

9- Find a Coach You Like

The physical education professional is one of the fundamental pieces for your motivation. In addition to supervising your workout, you must be a person you trust.

10- Share your goals

If you share your goals, you will have support when you lack motivation.


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