A body language expert analyzed the first meeting between Michelle Obama and Melania Trump

© Twitter/Frankthorp
© Twitter/Frankthorp 

Yesterday was a day of meetings, that of the newly elected President with the outgoing President and the first ladies. It was certainly not the happiest meetings that the historic White House rooms attended and a body language expert tried to decipher what feelings hung in the air.

Although the White House press office has defined the meeting between Michelle Obama and Melania Trump as agreeable, Elizabeth Kuhnke, author of Body Language: Learn How to Read Others and Communicate with Confidence, reveals that it was not quite so, having In view of the images he saw of the moment.

The author reveals that, for example, Melania was scared and nervous as “a girl who is called to the professor’s office”, and to contain the emotions. The lips remain sealed and the hair covers her face, preventing any wrong movement. His hands are crossed on his lap and his arms close to his body, a display of tension and discomfort, and his back completely straight, in a distant and reserved posture.

In Michelle’s case, already completely at ease in the role of First Lady, things are quite different. He maintains a friendly and open posture, in a graceful attitude towards Melania (and to the chambers).

Kuhnke reveals that Michelle’s face sketches a smile but is a bit forced, her eyebrows raised. Hand gestures – pointing to her chest – show that Michelle is open to receiving Melania but also to show that this is ‘her’ house and that she is in control of the situation.

The more relaxed pose of the body shows that he is mastering the conversation and that he is comfortable in that environment. The crossed feet are indicators of relaxation and informality.



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