FBI director says that the new elements do not change its previous conclusions, that there is illegal behavior of evidence the Democratic candidate for the White House

Hillary Clinton on Sunday night at the rally in Cleveland, Ohio | REUTERS / CARLOS BARRIA
Hillary Clinton on Sunday night at the rally in Cleveland, Ohio | REUTERS / CARLOS BARRIA

The FBI director James Comey, announced Sunday the US Congress that were not found elements that alter the earlier decision not to accuse Hillary Clinton of any criminal act in the now famous case of emails.

The case took on new proportions 11 days ago when Comey informed the lawmakers that the FBI was investigating thousands of emails found on Anthony computer Weiner, former husband of Clinton Huma Abedin adviser.

Weiner is under investigation in a process unrelated to the presidential – is suspected of sending pictures of a sexual nature to a minor – but as the woman shared with the computer because the inspectors have found it copies and Hillary Clinton emails.

At issue is the fact that now the Democratic candidate for the White House have sent, when he was Secretary of State, several communications via a private email system. In investigating the case that ensued, it was concluded that tens of thousands of these documents, however, have been deleted.

Still, the FBI concluded in July that there were no grounds to accuse criminally Hillary Clinton.

In the letter sent to Congress on Sunday, revealed by the international media, the director of the federal police said that “based on our analysis, we do not change the conclusions of July.”

The Clinton campaign has already reacted to this news. The spokesman Brian Fallon used Twitter to say: “We have always been confident that nothing would change the decision of July Comey Now the director confirmed it.”.

As this decision may influence the outcome of elections next Tuesday is, however, a mystery. Close politician Hillary Clinton campaign told CNN, however, that “you can not undo the damage of the last days” caused by the decision to re-investigate the matter.

“He opened a wound that does not heal quickly,” he said.




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