The application of social network will do a more careful selection of the type of publications shown on slower internet speeds.

© Reuters
© Reuters

The feed Facebook publications is a constant concern for Facebook, which continues to update and improve its algorithm to show that these most important publications for the user.

This selection is made not only according to the interests of each and also will take into account the internet speed available.

Taking into account the importance of its application, Facebook has adapted its way algorithm to take into account both the date of publication of certain stories as well as those that have not seen the cache.

In fact, the social network will consider that a particular story is not relevant until all media type has been loaded into the cache, so that they may have more chance to appear this story must have images, videos and other types of average fully loaded.

This choice of the best story to be displayed is done in real time with the servers of Facebook to weigh all the elements (from date of publication, loaded media internet speed user) in order to choose the one that has the best ‘score ‘to be displayed.



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