The social network continues finding ways to ensure that users do not stop using the application or the web version.
© Reuters
© Reuters

Even if it is the most used social network in the world, Facebook has to find new ways to stay ‘cool‘ in the eyes of its users. Part of the strategy based on the need to find new features that depend on the interaction between friends. The recommendation of restaurants is one of the ways in which Facebook if you want to stay relevant.

Says The Verge that the system starts with someone asking for a place to eat in town with their friends to point locations on your taste on a map.

From there, you can reserve a seat or even place the order directly from the application. The same notion applies to concerts and shows, with Facebook does not want your users do not lose occasions to which they would like to attend.

At the moment it is not expected that this feature comes to the main Facebook page, referring to the area dedicated to events. But the hypothesis is suspended since it is still dependent on the party for the acceptance rate of users and businesses.


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