The results of the most used social network in the world were again very positive, but the harsh reality of the market should dictate a stabilization already in 2017

© Reuters
© Reuters

It is the financial director who says, repeating the warning made three months ago: Facebook is about to run out of space to grow advertising revenue due to inability to put more ads on the platform presented to users.

According to David Wehner, investors and analysts will have to accept the stabilization of the growth of advertising on Facebook accounts, which should begin as early as the middle of next year. Until then, the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg hopes to maintain the strong increase in current revenue.

In the third quarter of this year, Facebook has achieved a growth of 59% over the same period last year, towards the revenues of 6.3 billion euros; the total number of users increased to 1,790 million against 1.55 million the same period.

In response to the prospect of stabilization in advertising revenues, investors fled and led to a 7% drop in Facebook shares on Wall Street post-session exchanges.


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