Location: North Sea. Area: six square kilometers, anything like 48 football fields. Objective: to provide energy to some 80 million European consumers. This is just a brief description of the Power Link project, an artificial island in Denmark that will be Europe’s largest wind farm.

According to ABC, this artificial energy paradise will be equipped with thousands of wind turbines around the perimeter, being able to provide electricity to close to 80 million people.

Built on a shoal – the Dogger Ban – the Power Link will be born in an area of strong, shallow water, and close to 200 million cubic meters of sand, somewhere between Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway and Denmark. The investment in this giant project is expected to be around 1,500 million euros, according to the best estimates.

But how will this “energetic paradise” work in practice? The wind turbines will extend to the middle of the sea, being connected to the island by cables not very big.

And it is exactly these cables that will act as transmitters between the energy markets of several countries, and will therefore allow the purchase and sale of electricity between them. An airport area for the transport, storage and maintenance of the various components is also part of the plan.

Already known as the “Sillicon Valley of the North Sea,” this wind-driven island of human endeavor wants to prove that cooperation between energy companies is the way forward to enhance the efficient use of each country’s natural resources and a free future Of fossil fuels.


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