The magic world of flowers

The images you can see in this photogallery are dazzlingly beautiful, and reveal the magnificent details of a nature that goes unnoticed even to the most attentive eye.

In love with plants, photographer Craig Burrows wanted to dig deeper into the immense and so little known universe of the flower kingdom to capture the beauty that escapes us with the naked eye. While taking some photographs, the photographer discovered that the flowers emit fluorescent colors when they reflect the ultraviolet light. The result of this photographic essay was surprising and left Craig completely in love with his discovery.

“I seldom know what to expect from a flower before I pick it up on the click. I’m surprised by their colors or lights. Each flower is a new surprise, “says the photographer, who makes use of a specific technique – the photograph of fluorescence visible with ultraviolet radiation – to capture the magic moment.

“These photographs capture something we see, but we can never observe,” draws the attention of the photographer. Either we deceive ourselves, or after seeing this photogalleria, it will hardly look again at a flower just like a plant, but rather like a whole world of smells and colors there concentrated.


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