Since the Paris Agreement, adopted at the end of 2015, states have “made little progress” on the environment. These are the conclusions of the report released in Marrakesh during the last UN summit on climate.

The balance made during the last UN climate summit held in Marrakech in recent days is not encouraging. Measures currently being implemented around the world against the emission of gaseous pollutants into the atmosphere lead to global warming of 3.6 degrees, far from the 2 nd or 1,5 th limit set by the international community, the report released during the event.

“It would be necessary, in order to strengthen the climate action, to find the political support and energy that led to the adoption of the Paris agreement,” several researchers said at the time.

The election of Donald Trump to the US president has raised concerns, however, from those involved in reversing the planet’s pollution levels. “If the future President, Donald Trump, abandons the current measures, as he threatened to do, we estimate that by 2030, US [gas] emissions will be at the same level as today,” researcher Niklas Höhne said publicly.

“With all of this, we should be able to get through the turmoil created by the arrival of a climate skeptic to the White House as long as world leaders remain committed to action,” he said.


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