Nicholas Chamberlain decided to tell his ‘secret’ after a newspaper threatened that would reveal their sexuality.


The Bishop of Grantham, England, is the first bishop to admit who is gay and who is even in a relationship with a man.

Nicholas Chamberlain decided to tell his story after a British newspaper has threatened that would reveal his ‘secret’, writes The Guardian. Still, he ensured that his sexual orientation was known.

“People know I’m gay, but it’s obviously not the first thing you say to someone. My sexual orientation is part of who I am, but in my position I’m focused, “the bishop said in an exclusive interview with the British newspaper.

Chamberlain was consecrated bishop in November 2015 and all those who were involved in the ceremony knew what his sexual orientation. “I’ve always been and I am fully aware of the very long list of Nick. The decision to have become

The decision to have become bishop was based on their capabilities. He lives according to the rules of the church and their sexual orientation is completely irrelevant to your job, “said Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury.

In recent years – due to the strong belief that marriage consists of two people of the opposite sex – the Church has been involved in a series of internal discussions because of the rights of the LGBT community.

In 2003, Peter Wheatley, then Bishop of Edmonton, admitted to being gay and that he was living with his partner. It was called as a “celibate Christian, who lived according to Christian teaching.”



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