After the electric cars, Elon Musk wants to be news on the subject of solar rooftops, something already interested and is now able to present to the world. Different from other solar roofs, those born now under his command associated aesthetics with energy efficiency.

The roofs of Elon Musk are different from other solar roofs because, among other things, can be confused with conventional roofs.

According to their manufacturers will be virtually impossible to distinguish them, which reveals a huge asset to seduce the most traditional consumers.

Designed in partnership with SolarCity, these roofs are adaptable to different architectural styles and when associated with new Powerwall 2, capable of storing 14kWh of energy.

The collaboration between Tesla and SolarCity does not come by chance since Elon Musk has intentions to purchase solar energy company for 2.6 billion dollars (2.3 billion euros). The acquisition will be discussed as early as November.



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