The new Oslo craze

The Barcode district, situated in the Norwegian capital Oslo, is easily recognized for its attractive architecture. Built as part of the rehabilitation and revitalization of the old industrial port, right in the center of the city, it has received an office building that is to delight the citizens of the city.

Developed by Dark atelier, MVRDV and A-Lab, the building is divided into three and each of the companies was responsible for a different part. Dark stayed on the west side of the DnB Building and developed a series of granite and glass offices with green roofs that can be used by the occupants of the building.

On the outside, the sequence of terraces creates a giant staircase appearance and was designed to allow sunlight to reach the neighboring building. Each roof helps retain water and includes wooden benches overlooking the Oslo fjord or city bay.

This section has 15 floors and is connected to the other two through an underground area that has several meeting rooms, a canteen and other community spaces.

The ground floor is occupied by shops, restaurants and other retail spaces. The offices are located above these fractions and, on the top floor, a restaurant is located that is accessible from a sloping public elevator.



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