Dream job in Finland


The Hotel Arctic Snow in Rovaniemi, Finland, yesterday closed registrations for what many consider the “dream job”. The offer is seasonal and functions are at least unusual: stay up all night waiting for the appearance of the aurora borealis, magical phenomenon in nature.

From September to March, the employee now employed will have the task of getting to contemplate the sky, and should there be something on the horizon wake up hotel guests, to see the sky light up with a thousand colors of this phenomenon, says National Geographic.

From now on, guests staying in these glass igloos with a direct view of the heavens, have the opportunity to use “this alarm.” In its rooms, a special sound begins to emerge if the colors that accompany the aurora borealis start moving in the skies of Finland.

This magical show of lights and colors, happens as a result of the shock produced by particles of solar wind on the Earth’s magnetic perimeter.


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