The beautiful and dangerous Antarctica

Courage is a characteristic common to all nature photographers, and the Italian Massimo Rumi does not shy away from this stereotype. The Italian recently fulfilled a dream: to visit Antarctica in a yatch of nine people, and captured during the trip one of the most fearful landscapes in the world: the passage of Drake, between South America and the great white continent.

Rumi photographed icebergs, penguins and the remote polar landscape during a trip that lasted three years at the end of last year. “Antarctica turned off the sound that existed in my brain and I felt each moment with an inexplicable intensity,” Rumi revealed.

During the trip, the nine adventurers went through icy experiences, endless sunlight and did not bathe. “I’ve been to more than 100 countries, but I’ve missed an experience in a remote and almost unexplored place. A place where we can feel the isolation, where everything is unique. I immediately thought of Antarctica. ”

When he discovered that another photographer was arranging a visit to Antarctica in a small boat, he did not hesitate to be invited. In fact, Rumi turned out to be the only passenger who did not get sick on the boat. “However, since I’m claustrophobic, I had trouble sleeping in the bunk bed,” he said.


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