Republican candidate speech focused on the failures of the Obama health program

Trump at the rally in Pennsylvania | REUTERS / CARLO ALLEGRI
Trump at the rally in Pennsylvania | REUTERS / CARLO ALLEGRI

The Republican candidate for the White House, Donald Trump said today that if he wins next week’s elections in the United States will convene a special session of Congress to repeal immediately the reform in President Obama’s Health.

At a rally at Valley Forge, in the US state of Pennsylvania, Trump focused speech in the complaint of the failures of Obamacare program, said to EFE.

“When we won the November 8 and elect a Republican Congress will be able to repeal and replace Obamacare immediately,” said Trump.

If this reform has not been revoked, the US health system, “will be destroyed forever,” he warned the tycoon.

Last week were released new President Barack Obama’s executive data to predict an average increase of 25% next year in premiums the modalities of the most popular health insurance, created by the reform in the 2010 health system.

According to the Government, this increased cost will not be as devastating because more than 80% of consumers can benefit from subsidies to purchase insurance.

Many experts have warned for some time that the supply in the healthcare market of Obamacare plans is decreasing and the number of people who subscribed to one of this insurance is lower than expected.

There are only 10.4 million insured, less than half of the 22 million that the budget of the Congress department had estimated in 2014 to total policies in 2016.

Also, president at the rally, the Trump candidate for vice president and governor of the Indian state, Mike Pence, questioned what good a health plan for those who “can not afford to enjoy it” and stated that “about 50% “Obamacare users” are missing medical appointments to reduce costs. ”

According to Pence, the health reform proposed Donald Trump is based on the “power of the free market” and eliminates the requirement to hire a medical insurance plan Obamacare.

“The government should not tell you how to spend your money,” he argued.

Pence also criticized the policy proposed by the opposition Democrat Hillary Clinton, saying that its policy is to establish a social medical system like Canada, which is public, universal and financed by the Government.

The Republican candidate for the White House, Donald Trump, has a lead of one percentage point over the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, in a survey released today by the Washington Post and ABC television.

A week before the presidential elections of November 08, Trump has 46% of voting intentions and Clinton 45% in an elaborate survey of 27 to 30 October, with a sample of 1,128 voters.

This is the first time since May, the millionaire Republican candidate exceeds your opponent in this survey regularly published by The Washington Post and ABC television.




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