US Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid has sharply criticized Stephen Bannon’s appointment as the chief strategist of President-elect Donald Trump’s future government.

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Reid even demanded that Trump sack Bannon if he wants, as he says, “the unity” of the country and “stop hiding behind the Twitter account,” a social network of which President-elect is a frequent user.

“If Trump is looking for unity seriously, the first thing he has to do is rescind Steve Bannon’s nomination,” Reid said in a speech to the Senate, alluding to the supremacist (white supremacist) ties of the new tycoon’s aide .

Reid, who will retire from office in January, when he starts the new session of the Congress, directly addressed Trump: “Take your responsibilities, the dignity of the job, and do not hide yourself from your Twitter account.”

The Democratic senator has listed a number of stories of US citizens who have suffered harassment or humiliation since the triumph of the multimillionaire’s 8th election that held a hate-based rhetoric campaign targeting minorities.

“We have a responsibility to say that it is not normal for the KKK, the Ku Klux Klan, to celebrate the election of a president who sees his champion with a victory parade,” said the influential Democrat. Of being the voice of millions of Americans sitting at home afraid of no longer being welcomed into the United States by Donald Trump. ”



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