The abandoned border posts

The refugee crisis has reinstated the issue of the free movement of persons between the countries which signed the Schengen Agreement in 1997 on the agenda. This media helped the Polish photographer Josef Schulz to promote his series of images of the frontier military posts of the Old Continent, Ubergang, which explores the abandonment of these once austere infrastructures.

Schultz travels dozens of European sites in search of these stations in weather conditions that help integrate their present state into the landscape: fog, rain and poor visibility.

Today, Creative Boom explains, these posts do not belong to anyone, but simply remain without any kind of rehabilitation, manage their decay and merge past and present.

“Although the border police have long disappeared and the buildings themselves are defenseless, they still provoke a feeling of uncertainty, the result of the bad memories of a past that has divided Europe,” the site continues. “The borders were lines drawn not only between territories, but also in our heads,” concludes Josef Schulz.


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