Hillary Clinton believes the FBI director is to blame for the defeat.

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After a heavy electoral defeat of the Democratic Party it is time to reflect on what went wrong, where it was wrong, where the blame comes from. That was the motto for a conference call where Democrats met with campaign funders.

In Hillary Clinton’s view, Trump’s guilt had beaten the Democrats should be blamed on James Comey, director of the FBI.

Two participants told Reuters that the Democratic candidate accused the FBI official of sending a letter to Congress 11 days before the election, in which he announced the resumption of the investigation into the emails that Hillary, when he was secretary of state, sent Of your private account.

“There are many reasons to explain why an election is unsuccessful,” Clinton said, adding that the FBI’s position “raised unreasonable, unfounded, unproven doubts, and held the [Democrats’] moment.”

Later, the FBI announced that there was no evidence of suspected criminal behavior. “The evil was already done,” shot the Democrat during the conference.

It is recalled that Donald Trump ended up using this situation to denigrate the image of his opponent, which, in Clinton’s opinion, may have ‘turned the tables’ on the US presidential candidates.



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