Valdemorillo population is shocked by the double tragic end.


Carmen had a life ahead but a motorcycle accident took the life of 17-year-old, well known in the Spanish city of Valdemorillho in Madrid.

It was even created a wave of solidarity with the hashtag # Todos Somos Carmen in social networks, in way of support to the families of the young.

On that fateful Monday, August 29, Carmen endured to get to the hospital, where he was transported by helicopter, but the serious injuries would eventually dictate her death on 12 October.

Once you know the contours of the accident, including how and where it happened, went to the same place where a gun pointed to his head and shot himself, describes the Spanish El Mundo.

Pedro, 42, was also known in the locality, and family friends say it was he who offered the bike that would take her daughter arm.

Among the most affected by this double tragedy are the police responsible for the cases. The same officers who gave the news to Peter about her daughter’s death, were those who rushed to the site on the day in which he committed suicide.


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