Danakil Desert


It is 120 meters below sea level, between Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and the Red Sea. At dawn, the air temperature is already above 30 degrees. This hell on earth, that is as beautiful as terrible, stretches for over a hundred square kilometers covered with salt.

It has two kilometers thick, crystal mantle covering the Danakil desert. It is known that this amazing amount of salt has built up, layer by layer, over 200 thousand years.


Each time the Red Sea invades this depression consolidates more and more this salt coating.

Below this salt bed exists hot magma, able to reach the surface occasionally and carve through the crystals strange formations that give the landscape an unreal aspect.


There is no life in this stunning track hell. The water that flows from the subsoil is a higher acidity in 500 times the lemon.

But the iron is in its composition when in contact with atmospheric oxygen oxidizes, lowering its pH to the lowest value ever measured in a natural source: almost 10 thousand times more than lemon acid.


Successive mineralizations have given to different colors of salt sculptures, from yellow to ocher through orange. There are local tribes who do not inhabit but moving into this wilderness to work in the salt extraction, their livelihood.


They do it with rudimentary tools, in an anachronistic labor sacrificed. In addition to occasional soldiers to cross this border area, this is the only human landscape of one of the most beautiful places, and fearful ignored the planet.



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