One of the boys may be of British origin.

© Reuters

The Daesh released a new video advertising, which comes five boys who appear to be around 10 to 12 years old, about to execute five hostages.

The Guardian explains that the hostages are reportedly Kurds. They are dressed in orange overalls and kneeling on the floor. Behind each of the five hostages, there is an armed child, dressed in military camouflage.

One of the children is a boy clear eyes presented as Abu Abdullah al-Britani (‘British’, explains the BBC), suspecting that it might be a British child carried by her mother to the territories occupied by the self-proclaimed Islamic State

The British authorities are trying to discover the identity of the boy. The Daily Mail suggests that may be the son of Sally Jones, an English who moved to Syria in 2014.

It is recalled that in February, the Daesh had already released a video of a British-born child of four years, to blow up a vehicle where they were three hostages. This child would Isa Dare and be the son of a British jihadist who left London to Syria, in 2012, to join the terrorist group.


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