German police have launched an anti-terror operation that involves hundreds of agents and targets 200 sites in 10 states of the country related to an Islamist group, local authorities said on Friday.

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The group Die wahre Religion ( “the true religion”) was also banned by Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere from today, a ministry spokeswoman said.

According to the same spokeswoman, searches are under way since dawn in ten states of Germany.

The group is suspected of spreading hatred, and has been in contact with several people who have traveled to Syria, he added.

Die wahre Religion is also known for a copy distribution program of the Koran in Germany.

“We do not tolerate fanatics who try to radicalize young people,” Peter Beuth, the interior minister of Hesse, said in a statement.

“With the banning of this organization, a major source of radicalization has been eradicated from the country. Those who spread hate messages can not hide behind religious freedom,” he added.

According to the German media, searches are underway in apartments and mosques.


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