Chinese President Xi Jinping said today in his first conversation with future US counterpart Donald Trump that for China and the United States of America “cooperation is the only correct way.”

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According to state television CCTV, Xi congratulated Trump today for the victory in the US presidential election, almost a week after the vote, on November 8.

“The facts prove that cooperation is the only correct route for China and the US,” Xi told Trump.

“Both parties should promote the economic development of the two countries and global economic growth, expand cooperation and exchanges in all areas, ensure that the populations of both countries benefit and work for further development in bilateral relations,” he added. The Chinese leader.

The CCTV also quotes Trump, and says the President-elect of the United States has confirmed his willingness to work with China to strengthen bilateral cooperation.

Relations between the two largest economies in the world “can definitely achieve better development,” Trump said, according to CCTV.

“China is a large and important country whose development has surprised the world. The US and China can benefit each other,” he said.

During the election campaign, China was one of the targets of the New York magnate, who accused the country of “manipulating the currency,” or “cheating,” and threatened to tax Chinese products by 45 percent.

By 2015, China has become the main trading partner of the US, with trade between Beijing and Washington reaching $ 560 billion (almost 500 billion euros).



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