Preparing foods with fossil fuels as a source is a thing of the past for Patrick Sherwin, inventor of GoSun Stove, a furnace that uses the Sun only as a source of energy.


This practical and highly sustainable oven, which can be transported to any side because of its small size, easily reaches temperatures in the order of 205 ° C. This only with the energy you receive from the Sun! GoSun Stove allows you to bake, boil, fry and steam food … as long as there is sunshine and a little creativity, this sustainable oven is always ready to be used.

And how can such a small appliance be so efficient? The secret lies in its innovative design and a vacuum glass tube measuring just over 12 centimeters that withstand high temperatures. Wrapped in aluminum plates, this small tube absorbs the solar rays, transforming the incoming heat into pure energy that will make it possible to prepare and heat food without difficulty.

And do not think that this oven is just a useful tool for the sun-filled days. Not at all! Even on cloudy days, the Go Sun Stove works without any hassle, as its internal battery stores the energy received on sunny days, to be used at any time regardless of the weather. A sustainable and innovative project.



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