More than 36 hours after being shot during a baseball practice in Washington, Congressman Steve Scalise remains “critically ill,” the doctor in charge said.

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US Congressman Steve Scalise, who was shot in the hip last Wednesday during a baseball practice, is still in “critical condition,” said Jack Sava, a physician responsible for Scalise’s health. Despite this, the doctor confirmed that there is “a strong possibility” that the congressman will fully recover.

Steve Scalise, one of the highest representatives of the Republican Party in the US Congress, was shot Wednesday by a man who shot a group of Republican congressmen at a baseball practice in Washington. The congressman suffered damage to the internal organs and was left with several broken bones, in addition to suffering from an intense hemorrhage.

According to the doctor, who spoke to reporters on Friday, Scalise was “at imminent risk of death” when he arrived at the hospital, but the medical team managed to stabilize the bleeding and reduce the risk. The congressman has been operated twice and will still have to undergo more surgeries, so he will be in the hospital “for a considerable period of time, presumably weeks,” the doctor said. After the recovery, Steve Scalise is expected to walk again and eventually run, the doctor said, quoted by Reuters.

The shooter was identified as James Hodgkinson, a 66-year-old man from Belleville, Illinois. The man fired with a 9mm pistol and a 7.62mm shotgun over Republican congressmen, who were training for the annual Democratic-Republican charity game.

James Hodgkinson was eventually shot down by the FBI shortly after the shootout. According to US authorities, Hodgkinson was already known for posting messages on social networks against Trump and the Republican Party.


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