A house for the most remote places in the world

The prefabricated architecture allows you to have a home in any part of the world, whatever the conditions on the ground. Colombia’s Collective Creative Architects has just announced a perfect example of this truth, a flexible wooden modular home, VIMOB, that can be transported everywhere: mountainous scenarios or the beach.

The first prototype was installed in a remote area of Colombia, Matapalo, and is being spoken in several global architectural media, such as Inhabitat or ArchDaily.

By limiting the amount of materials needed to build a house that are needed for a particular location, these architects have created a truly semi-built home to be built on top of the foundations.

Compared to traditional construction methods, VIMOB generates less waste and has less impact on the landscape. Designed for a variety of factors, this contemporary home is lined with wood painted in various colors.

The wood also dominates the interior of the space of 37 square meters, which includes a room that joins living room, dining room and kitchen. There is even space for two bedrooms and a bathroom in the opposite part of the house.

Outside, a large patio and huge windows extend the living room to the landscape of the place where VIMOB is built.



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