Chinese state television on Sunday questioned the authenticity of the video Syrian boy Omran, who became viral around the world, claiming that it can be a montage made by the Western “war propaganda”.


The record shows a four-year-old boy in shock, covered in blood and dust, after an air raid carried out last week in Aleppo, and that the United States considered the “real face” of the war in Syria.

Beijing supports the Syrian government led by Bashar al-Assad, and enjoys good relations with Russia, both responsible for airstrikes against the rebels, carried out in Aleppo.

State television CCTV questioned the video with Omran, displaying the images of suffering, subtitled “Video suspected to be fake”.

“Critics suggested that [the video] is part of war propaganda, designed to justify the involvement of Western countries in Syria, with the argument of ‘humanitarianism’,” says the report.

“The workers, instead of forward promptly with the rescue work, installed the camera,” he adds.

Chinese state media often goes with the gender allegations. The Chinese official news agency Xinhua has previously accused the government of Tibet in exile to spread fake videos.

Omran, their siblings, and parents were hit by debris, following last Wednesday’s bombing in Qaterji neighborhood, an area in the east of Aleppo, controlled by rebels fighting Assad.

In the video, the child comes in an ambulance, with fixed eyes, before raising his arms and touch the forehead covered in blood, looking after for hand cleaning in an orange seat.

The older brother Omran Ali, died on Saturday after not having resisted injuries caused by bombing.

Russia denied having carried out those attacks.

CCTV claims that the Syrian civil defense group filmed the video, also known as “White Helmets”, is “debatable independence” and has links to the UK Army.

Last week, the top official of the Chinese Guan Youfe army met with the defense minister of Syria, in Damascus, and said he wants to strengthen military ties with the Syrian government, state media said.

In addition to calling attention to the plight of children in the bloody siege of Aleppo, the image Omran also triggered a diplomatic conflict.

The Russian government spokesman Igor Konashenkov was quoted as classified the child’s images as a “cynical exploitation” and “propaganda cliche against Russia.”

The Syrian conflict has already more than 290,000 deaths and millions of displaced people, since its inception in 2011.




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